Annette Fredrickson


Candace Adamson, ACP

President Elect

Amanda Flanagan

First Vice President

Wendy Trembath, CPSecond Vice President

Shannon Rezanina, ACPTreasurer

Mariah Sharkey


Tammy Wuertley, ACP

NALA Liaison


All Regional Directors

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American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc.

American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. Mission Statement: The purpose of the American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. is to advance the paralegal profession by focusing on the individual paralegal.

The American Alliance of Paralegals Inc., was formed in January 2003 when a group of eleven paralegals met in Phoenix, Arizona to form a national organization that could meet the needs of paralegals who may or may not be affiliated with another paralegal organization. At that meeting the newly formed American Alliance hammered out its purpose and goals, and put together the mission statement and bylaws. It seemed that other paralegal associations were represented by delegates or groups, and the American Alliance wanted to focus on experienced paralegals, giving them a say and a direct input into the activities of the organization and how it would represent the legal profession.
The organizers became the official Board and each Board member contributed from his/her personal finances to give the American Alliance some seed money. The education of paralegals was foremost on everyone’s agenda, as well as the need for a platform for experienced paralegals. From its beginnings, the American Alliance has remained true to its core values and continues to give its members legal education and an opportunity to be heard.


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