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A resource for paralegal professionals.

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The Legal Assistants of Wyoming Board of Directors is committed to the promotion of career development and professionals.  The "Paralegal Pal Mentoring Program" focuses on paralegal students and junior paralegals, who are the future of our profession!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is the Paralegal Pal Mentoring Program?
             This program is designed to be a resource for junior paralegals and paralegal students as they transition into the professional community.
2.  Who can participate?
             All LAW members can participate!  If you are a paralegal student or a junior paralegal (someone who is new to the field, maybe just graduated or possibly working in your very first law firm) or essentially any paralegal who feels they could benefit from the mentoring of a seasoned paralegal.  You are a Mentee.  
             If you are a seasoned paralegal and have important knowledge, experience and skills you can pass down to a junior paralegal or paralegal student, you are a Mentor.
3.  What is the Commitment?
            We are requesting a minimum of a semester long commitment between the Mentor/Mentee.  However, we do understand that circumstances arise in our lives that render some commitments impossible to complete.  We simply request that you effectively communicate any difficulties so we can make appropriate adjustments so neither the Mentor or the Mentee are harmed by these circumstances.
4.  Where do I find more information?
      Attached below is the Paralegal Pal Mentoring Program handbook with useful information, hints and tools.  
5.  How do I get involved?
             If you are interested in becoming a Mentee, there is an application page in the handbook for your completion and return.  If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please contact the LAW Board at legalassistantsofwyoming@gmail.com.  The Board will diligently work to match Mentors/Mentees based upon areas of practice, areas of interest, schedules, and any other information you indicate would be important or helpful.

Please remember to fill out your applications fully before submitting them.  The more information you provide, the better prepared we are to match you with your Mentor/Mentee!  And don't forget to submit your membership application!
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